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Today’s retail environment is extremely competitive and building customer loyalty with customers is crucial! Rollersigns can help manage customers by improving store signage, queue management and customer service messaging. Due to their versatile nature, Rollersigns also provide an ideal medium for promotions, sampling, brand advertising or events.

Our unique design enables clients to change their banners quickly and easily. By using our integrated A4 poster holders and leaflet dispensers brands and retailers alike can provide further information or direction. This is also an ideal opportunity to encourage customers to sign up to store or loyalty cards or take advantage of an in-store promotion just before they purchase.

Recent independent research has shown Rollersigns have a positive effect on both customer behaviour and product sales alike. Whether you manage a major supermarket, department store, shopping centre or regular retail space, Rollersigns can help improve your communication with customers. Our support service will provide all the assistance you need to maximise the impact and effect of using this innovative system.


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