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The general public are spending more time away from home and traditional media is being fragmented making it more difficult to reach mass audiences.
This new product launch sees Rollersigns provide an exciting new versatile advertising opportunity and safety opportunity to the Public sector. Venues are dramatically transformed in an instant to vibrant and impactful themed displays. The system is easy to deploy and can act as a cordon control security access tool or for a marketing campaign within local communities.
Targeted messages, supply partner and key brands can be displayed and changed easily to coincide with your individual requirements. The Rollersigns can determine boundaries to satisfy local authority requirement, since the introduction of the smoking ban, the outdoor space offered by a restaurant, bar or club has become more important than ever. The Rollersigns define essential space required for areas such as Smoking/Non-smoking, VIP areas, entrances and queuing areas.
With the importance of access control, safety cordons at Road Traffic Accidents, Health Campaigns or defining an area within your buildings, Rollersigns helps create practical and stylish areas. It’s not only to surround your outside area, you can use the printed area for your logo, safety/security measures, products, campaigns or as general signage within a building. It can also be used or sold as space to your business partners/suppliers.

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