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There is an obvious use for Rollersigns in supermarkets. With such a high footfall, advertisers are always looking for a new and exciting way of catching the publics eye.  There are many types of ambient media currently in all major supermarket chains, however Rollersigns creates a practical use for crowd control of their customers.
Rollersigns first supermarket client is Tesco Ireland and are positioned at the Customer Service area. Tesco seen an opportunity to sell the space Rollersigns creates to their hundreds and thousands of potential suppliers to generate extra revenue while also using the product as a queuing system.
Another area of Tesco where Rollersigns has an obvious fit is at the Self Scan area. Again, there are so many potential advertisers who would want their message right at the Point Of Sale of Ireland number 1 supermarket.
If you are a supermarket or want to advertise within one, please contact our offices today for more information.

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