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Can the Rollersigns banner be changed regularly and easily?

Yes. The banners can be changed very easily within 2 minutes. It is a simple process and no tools are required.

Are the Rollersigns able to be used outdoors as well as indoors?

Yes. We offer a mesh banner for use outdoors and posts with extra weighted bases to counter the wind. All banners are designed for external and very durable.

What are Rollersings primarily used for?

Rollersigns have many applications and can be used for directional signage/ way-­‐finding, advertising, promotional activity, sponsorship, information and brand communications.




Do Rollersigns offer a print service for the banners?

Yes, Rollersigns can provide a full service solution and offer the printing at a very competitive market rate.


How much assembly is required by the user?

Very little. Each Rollersigns cassette comes with the first printed banner pre-­‐loaded. The barriers (posts) simply fit together.



Do Rollersigns provide retractable belt-­‐barriers (posts)?

Yes. We manufacture our own industry standard retractable belt barriers in a range of finishes and bases, with a working belt/ribbon mechanism.


I don’t have an in-­‐house designer. Can Rollersigns assist with banner Artwork?

Yes, we have an experienced creative director in-­‐house who can create artwork from concept stage and produce final artwork ready for printing with fast turnaround times and competitive rates.


Do Rollersigns offer a rental service?

Yes we do. We can arrange delivery, installation and removal of any Rollersigns products for a specific event.

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